Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Wisdom on Wednesday: EB White

(Quote from The Second Tree from the Corner (1954) by E.B.White)

My daughter reminded me this morning that tomorrow (1 December) is the start of Advent, at least as far as the opening of countdown calendars for Christmas is concerned. I think, strictly speaking, that the various religious definitions of Advent are quite different, and it usually commences on the fourth Sunday before Christmas.

Anyway, in some respects this morning's declaration caught me by surprise: "What? Already?" and in other ways I've had a lot of warning.  Shops have had Christmas goods on the shelves since early October, decorations have been hanging in public spaces for weeks, Christmas catalogues were in mailboxes at the start of November and I've even heard the carols muzak in stores.

I wonder if this extended warm-up to Christmas (the 'wrapping' referred to by E.B.White?) takes some of the gloss off the Festive Season itself. By the time the 25th of December comes around we've already eaten more than our fair share of fruit mince pies.

Before our time, Christmas wasn't anticipated quite so early in the year. 

What do you think is a reasonable lead-up time for Christmas? Should there be declared limit? e.g NO tinsel before 1 December?


The Mof said...

Yes,yes,yes. No tinsel until after 1st December. Just ask Liam - he had been listening to the wise words of his mother!

Mary said...

1st December seems to be what it has become - but even that seems early to me.. I think in our family the tree did not go up until very close to Christmas Eve.

Anyway I am in denial that the year has gone this quickly.

Megan said...

Nothing before 1 December. I am particularly precious about nothing prior to 24 November, and in deference to our author I think a Christmas morotorium should be in place until after 2 December...

Nanu said...

I would keep it as short, and therefore as sweet, as possible but we did waken up to deep snow this morning which kind of gets you in the mood !!!